Learn How Businesses Today are Meeting the Most Important Aspects of GDPR IT Compliance Using HyTrust


The window for many organizations to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is closing fast. However, there is still time to fully implement IT solutions that can significantly improve an organization’s security posture - without any infrastructure modifications – to help meet the requirements defined by the European Union (EU) Parliament.

With less than a year until the EU GDPR becomes law, the race to meet the May 28th 2018 compliance deadline is on. Organizations across the world are ramping up the security of their private and public cloud deployments by using HyTrust to prevent costly and damaging data breaches. With military- grade encryption, integrated key management and data geo-fencing to enforce data sovereignty, the HyTrust Workload Security Platform helps organizations ensure the protection of EU Citizen Personal Identifying Information (PII) and other sensitive data to meet the toughest regulation to date. 

Whether you're company is racing to meet the GDPR - or just getting started – downloading the HyTrust GDPR eBook will help you further understand your IT and security obligations - and learn how the HyTrust Workload Security Platform can help you prioritize and accelerate your sprint across the GDPR finish line.