HyTrust Announces New Security Policy Framework to Protect Workloads and Enable Secure Cloud Transformation

HyTrust CloudSPF empowers organizations to enforce security policies across private and public cloud infrastructure.

HyTrust Security Policy Framework is designed to protect workloads by providing organizations with visibility and insight combined with consistent policy enforcement across their multi-cloud environments, all based on the key attributes of a workload, the people interacting with it, the data that resides in it, and the infrastructure on which it resides.

Foundational to HyTrust’s Security Policy Framework is the concept that clouds are workload-centric infrastructure, with the workload itself being the new atomic unit of IT and the building block from which modern data centers and cloud infrastructure is built. To protect ever evolving workloads (virtual machines, containers), organizations need to gain insights into them and automate the application and enforcement of security policies around three key components of a workload: people, data and infrastructure.