Coming Soon! HyTrust CloudControl for Containers

Early Access Program

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our HyTrust CloudControl for Containers Early Access Program. 

HyTrust CloudControl for Containers is built on top of the existing HyTrust CloudControl platform and utilizes the same underlying capabilities that are employed for virtual machine workloads. 

HyTrust CloudControl is the only solution to secure the full technology stack from the Kubernetes Orchestrator and Kubernetes node to the virtual machine and the underlying management infrastructure (AWS, vSphere).

HyTrust CloudControl for Containers capabilities include:

  • Image Assurance assesses image integrity and applies deployment policies to determine “who” can deploy “what” and “where”
  • Runtime Monitoring scans containers in a production environment for policy violations
  • Configuration Hardening for the full technology stack from the underlying infrastructure to the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Management Dashboards provide an all-in-one view of the security posture across the full technology stack and management systems

We are eager to get your feedback on HyTrust CloudControl for Containers. By participating, you will get valuable experience with the emerging area of container security. Early Access Program participation will also help HyTrust to provide you improved features and functionality in future releases.

Fill out the form to the right to be one of the first companies to try out HyTrust CloudControl for Containers via our Early Access program.