HyTrust CloudControl for vSphere, Kubernetes and AWS

Many organizations that are running mission-critical systems in highly virtualized private, public, and hybrid clouds struggle to maintain a consistent method for assessing and remediating against industry best-practices for configuration or security management standards.   HyTrust CloudControl enables enterprises to easily identify, remediate and report on configuration and security management drift. 

HyTrust now offers a free 30-day trial license of HyTrust CloudControl.  Fill out the form on this page to receive the trial license and documentation needed to start your journey toward configuration and security management nirvana.

  • Ensures your vSphere environments are configured according to industry and security best practices to minimize risk

  • Use pre-defined templates based on the most common standards and frameworks such as NIST 800-53, PCI-DSS, DISA STIG, and HIPAA or create a custom template to meet your needs

  • Continuously assess your infrastructure for configuration drift and remediate on a scheduled basis while also providing automatic remediation

Automated Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are most effective when they are automated and implemented in an “always on” model. Virtualization can challenge this model since VMs can be migrated, different administrator roles can overlap (server and network), and entire infrastructure changes can be executed in a few clicks.

  • Complete stack protection
    First and foremost, the entire virtual stack must be protected and monitored. With HyTrust CloudControl, enterprises gain the confidence of being able to monitor and protect operating systems and valuable data. With built-in monitoring of security and compliance policies (with over thirty easy to use pre-defined templates), administrators can quickly see and remediate non-compliant activities with a single click. If necessary, administrators can even get a security health check of the VM hypervisor with built in security evaluation measurements. With the administrator’s own policy or by leveraging security best practice or compliance templates, an instant check can be done to ensure the entire virtual stack remains protected at all times.

  • Fine-grained access control
    Through detailed, fine-grained access controls, HyTrust CloudControl provides more control, security, and audit capability above and beyond traditional RBAC (role-based access control) systems, including ones that are typically shipped with hypervisors. This ensures that not only do server admins and network administrators stay in their own domains, but also administrators have defined scope. Through password vaulting, encryption (and automatic key management), and other features, these controls enforce administrator scope.

  • Secondary Authorization - The Two-Person Rule
    Many compliance and security best-practices dictate that for certain actions, two administrators must mutually sign off on an action. This generally provides compliance with specific EU data directives and also guards against insider misuse. HyTrust CloudControl supports secondary authorization.